Chimneys serve an important function -- to safely funnel smoke and hot gasses away from the interior of your house. A chimney that is not in good repair can be a safety hazard and waste energy.

A well designed chimney also can enhance your home's appearance. A unique brickwork pattern, accented with a distinctive flue liner can make your home stand out from the rest and increase its value. Roll your mouse over the pictures below to see some great ideas. Then, call JFGreen Renovations to get started on your new chimney!

How can I be sure my chimney's in tip-top shape?
Shine a flashlight up inside your chimney and look for soot buildup and blockages from leaves or birdsí nests. Also, look for any missing or cracked flue tiles. The chimney experts at JFGreen Renovations can "scope" your chimney from top to bottom with special equipment looking for smoke and carbon dioxide leaks, obstructions, soot and creosote buildup cracks, loose tiles and other structural problems.

I've noticed a couple of cracks in my chimney. Is that a problem?
You'll want to take a good look at the outside appearance of your chimney as well. Crumbling mortar, loose or missing bricks, cracks and flashing that has pulled away from the roof and the chimney may point to problems that need repair to avoid a fire hazard.

My heating and air conditioning bills have skyrocketed lately. Is my chimney the cause?
If your chimney's flue damper is not working correctly, a considerable amount of air could be leaking out of the house up your chimney. JFGreen Renovations can stop this problem and generate big savings on your energy bills by installing a "Lock-Top" flue damper that seals the flue tight, keeping heat and air-conditioning in and birds and other unwelcome guests out.

JFGreen Renovations offers a full line of chimney design, construction, inspection, cleaning and repair services. We can provide complete flue replacement from the fireplace up, new fire brick, decorative bricklaying, tiles and flue liners, "tuck pointing," custom built concrete caps, and copper, aluminum and stainless steel flashing. Our craftsmen even can build a new chimney from the ground up to your specifications. Call us today for a free estimate.

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